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Employment Update

Welcome to Employment Update, a blog focused on providing employers of all sizes with easy-to-understand information on current issues in employment, labor and benefits law. Our attorneys will share insights on ways to maintain positive and constructive relationships with employees and give regular updates on federal and state employment laws. We hope that you will make visiting this site a regular part of your routine for gathering updates and learning about tips that can help you with your employees.


Business Owner’s Guide to Litigation

The Business Owner’s Guide to Litigation blog is designed to help your business prevent and navigate the litigation process. From concrete guidance to avoid getting sued, to strategic options once a lawsuit begins, Schwabe attorneys provide practical steps to implement in operating your business. Drawing on the latest courtroom decisions as well as time-honored legal practices, the Business Owner’s Guide to Litigation blog is crafted to distill the essentials of the litigation process every business owner should understand.


Dining Out

Dining Out with Schwabe is the work of a group of lawyers from the Seattle office of Schwabe Williamson and Wyatt who enjoy food and enjoy writing about it.  After spending many hours talking about where to eat, new restaurants, and great places to try, they shared their collective experience with the broader legal community–because even lawyers need to eat–initially writing a monthly column for the King County Bar Bulletin. The column developed into a blog and has expanded beyond the legal community. We hope you enjoy our comments and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.
*As originally published in the King County Bar Bulletin.



Northwest Construction Zone

Schwabe’s Northwest Construction Zone blog aims to keep readers up to date on legal issues facing contractors, developers and design professionals engaged in public and private construction and development, as well as address special issues that arise when doing business with the state and federal government. Schwabe’s construction, design and government contracting team represent clients throughout the Northwest and across the country. We will provide regular updates on new cases as well as statutory and rule changes at the state and federal levels that affect your business, and serve as a forum for questions and discussion about issues that are important to the design, construction and government contracting community. This blog is intended to be informational only, and should not be relied upon for specific legal advice.